Sunday, December 20, 2009

One possible future?

Over at GunRights4US is a post from about a month ago of a fictional but plausible scenario of the economic collapse of the almighty dollar.

The chapters to-date are at A frightening future for our nation posted at The Tree of Liberty boards.

It's sobering because it very well could come true. I remember arguing against some of the emergency provisions that Bush put in place with conservative supporters many times and the typical response was "He'll never use them, that's just for emergencies." When explaining what a liberal like Clinton (and now Obama) would do with that power, they shrugged it off. They aren't shrugging now.

Update: In the comments, Sofa from Coordinated Illumination reports that all the episodes are at
The Day the Dollar Died Series Thanks


sofa said...

The author posts them here:

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Thanks, Sofa.