Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wisconsin legislative gun activity

In an article seething with inaccuracies and hyperbole like: "Unlike weapons purchased from a federally licensed firearms dealer, weapons bought at a gun show can be whisked away that same day without a background check on the purchaser... " comes a article on gun legislation in Wisconsin.
Observers say Democrats have largely abandoned gun-control efforts because of the well-funded and politically organized base of the NRA — especially when stacked against the less cohesive and less well-funded gun-control groups.
So in Jessica VanEgeren's eyes the pro/anti gun argument is based on who has the most money. Constitutional law has nothing to do with it.

After a three word quote from the pro-gun side, she throws in this:
“They’ve been using the same rhetoric for years,” Rodriguez [legislative assistant to Rep. Leon Young, D-Milwaukee] says. “And we disagree with 99 percent of it.”
Her conclusion:
“This isn’t government intrusiveness,” Bonavia [executive director of the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort] says. “This is just about living in a peaceful society together.”
I think we can guess which side she's on.

Read it all at: Ready, set, fire! Politicians take on NRA

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