Thursday, December 24, 2009

Des Moines Register wants status quo

The Register editorial board doesn't see a problem with the current concealed-carry laws either.
Iowa lawmakers have plenty of important business to tend to when the Legislature convenes next month. Their priorities include reconciling a large budget gap and agreeing on ways to reorganize government to find efficiencies.
I thought governments were instituted among men to secure rights. Guess I was wrong. The legislators will be too busy trying to clean up the current mess in Des Moines this year. And who put us in this mess? Democrats (not that the Republicans were doing any better)
Neither proposal would make Iowa a better place to live. Both would increase the odds of people getting shot. It's not as if Iowa is a dangerous place, but that is exactly the message lawmakers would send by taking up this gun-rights legislation.
The old "blood-running-in-the-streets" canard. Looks like they didn't read the FBI report. Data vs opinion
More people carrying around deadly weapons doesn't make Iowa a safer place to live. Rather, it likely increases the odds of innocent people getting hurt. Nervous about someone approaching your car? View someone as a threat? Easy access to a gun means you're only one twitch of a finger away from shooting that person - killing them and perhaps landing you in prison for murder.
Possession of a gun turns one into a nervous potential murderer according to these guys.

For more hyperbole go here: Don't make it easier to carry guns

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