Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cab drivers' Constitutional rights have been violated

I'm not a lawyer, but it seems like a good argument to make.

Cab drivers in Cedar Rapids are precluded from carrying weapons for their defense.
Right now, the city ordinance that covers cabs doesn’t give drivers much leeway in protecting themselves with a weapon. The rule currently is no firearms, no knives with blades longer than three inches and no “assault weapons.”
That could change after a cab driver was stabbed to death last Friday. Some members of the city administration have some sense:
[Cedar Rapids Transit Director] DeBrower said “we look at it no different than any other business. If a particular cab company wants to prohibit it, they can do so. But we don’t feel the ordinance should do that.”
It's also reported that no Cedar Rapids cab has a barrier between the driver and passenger.

Hopefully changes are made to protect the drivers from predators and not to make it illegal for them to protect themselves with all means at their disposal.

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