Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No man is an island

I forget that sometimes.

I spend most of my time working. For my employer (probably too much if history shows me anything) or personally as in towards a goal at Camp Stranded. Not to say I don't have idle time or that I don't waste time down a rat hole like watching the TeeVee.

One of the best things about starting this little blog (just turned 4 a few days ago) was the chance to meet several people on the internets. Sometimes only through emails, comments or message boards, but I've learned from many out there.

The rare chance one gets to find a true connection beyond the keyboard, it makes it even better.

David from over at Truebluesam and his mom, Bea, met up with part of the Stranded clan over at the camp this past Labor Day weekend. We picked a good day as I spent Sunday and Monday taking support calls from work.

After supper and conversation

David shared much needed advice regarding the fledgling tree farm and Bea and the Mrs hit it off. The heat encouraged us to shorten the tour, but I've been hoping Sam would stop by sometime. He gave us a boost by sharing Kentucky Coffeetree seeds last year and I think he was surprised to see our showcase tree doing exceptionally well.

I've neglected Between Two Rivers as life and work tend to get in the way. As I told Bea, I did not want to turn this into something that produces nothing but negative posts. With the state legislature not in session, there hasn't been much in the news that you can't find somewhere else.

But now I've got something positive to share. Their visit has been a blessing to a tired soul and reminds me of the need for a life beyond just being a productive cog in the workforce.

Family, friends, food and conversation. You can't beat that.

Thanks for sharing your time with us.