Friday, April 1, 2011

Out of Steam, 4/1/11

Another late night server maintenance and not all went well. I'm hoping for a couple hours sleep before daylight. Just not enough steam for a full run.

Remarks: This Illini Railroad Club special operated to Savanna via Denrock doubleheaded with the 4960 and 5632, and returned via the mainline with only the 5632. I was just passing though Chicago when I noticed the flier posted at Union Station, and made some last minute changes in plans and fortunately they still had seats available. My one and only CB&Q steam trip......roundtrip for all of $10! Perhaps a viewer can help me pinpoint the location. All the interlocking gear should be a clue. And yes the train is backing up.....somebody got in front of me for the actual runby.

Click on picture for more.

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