Monday, August 31, 2009

It's time to get off the sidelines

We all know someone who leaves the heavy work for others. The guy who comes up with an idea but never shows up to carry his part of the load. They promise to be there but always show up late after the clean up is done.

Well, lately, I've been one of those guys.

I let others speak for me while I kept silent.
I let others toil while I sat in the shade.
I squandered the opportunity that was given to me.

I may have arrived late, but dammit, I'm here.

And I'm here writing what I think. But I'm also going to be out there, putting in my share of the load. Look for me at a townhall meeting lifting my voice with others or carrying that sign that makes people uncomfortable. My First Amendment won't be limited to blips on a computer screen.

My voice has been added to millions of others. You may agree/disagree or you may never read me. You may consider my words irrelevant, tripe or crap. I've called what others write the same things. And if you like what I write or say, let me know and I may continue. If you don't like it, let me know, too and I will continue...

I've let others stick their necks out, it's past time I did the same.


Sean said...

Don't worry, boss, Odumbas ugly wife has already told us that he's going to move us out of our comfort zones and screw around with our personal lives. As if he himself hasn't shown his National Socialist Tendencies already. Welcome to the party, pal. As for me, I'm already in over my ass in this stuff, and intend on going all the way, win, lose, or draw. You got friends out here.

Anonymous said...

Bravo sir! I would do the same if I wasn't that guy everyone begs to stop helping the cause. My silence actually _is_ helping. ;)