Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sheriffs will comply with new permit law

This ace cub reporter at the Des Moines Register dishes out the dramatic adjectives to bring a compelling story to our attention:
Many Iowa sheriffs still have grave concerns about a new state gun law, but they will follow its requirements on issuing permits to carry weapons, two leading sheriffs said Wednesday.
"Grave concerns". In other words, these sheriffs expect death and destruction because of the new permit law.

No real investigation regarding the current law or the history of the changes:
The sheriffs association said sheriffs currently issue more than 36,000 weapons permits statewide a year, and deny few permits.
Tell that to the citizens of Johnson, Louisa, Des Moines or the other counties where the sheriff routinely turned people down. The number of denials would steadily go down because people wouldn't waste their time.

The title of the article is ridiculous: County sheriffs say they'll comply with gun law

You mean sheriffs were ready to not comply?

I think those who have voiced their "concerns" understand that if they didn't "comply" they would have to defend themselves in front of a judge at some point. Just ask Osceola County Sheriff Douglas L. Weber how that went.

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