Sunday, June 12, 2011

"I can use gas more than I can use the gun,"

The sheep lined up in Waterloo to turn in guns for gas:

Area residence[sic] wait in line to drop off unwanted guns in exchange for gas cards at a Guns for Gas event at Waterloo Fire Station No. 1 Saturday, June 11, 2011, in Waterloo, Iowa. (MATTHEW PUTNEY / Courier Photo Editor)

I'm sure it makes sense to exchange something of lesser value for something of greater value, but a 9mm Browning pistol for $100 gas card?
Tallies weren't immediately available, but the Gas For Guns event, sponsored by Jim Lind Service, ran out of cards within 40 minutes.
And this Sinclair station owner wants to have another event in the fall.

Why can't any of us hold the same thing? You think a few of us Iowa bloggers could hold a "Cash for Calibers" event and I bet we'd come out ahead on the deal?


Jim said...

As if the general idea weren't exasperating enough, take a look at the box of pistols collected. There's something very like a 1911, a good-looking top-break revolver (old Smith?), among other things I'm pretty sure we'd be proud to own at $150.

strandediniowa said...

There does look like a 1911 or similar in there. Looks like a couple of RG's in there too.

A menagerie of good, eh and crap. But if someone is dumb enough to trade in a gun worth several hundred for a gas card worth $100 or $150, then they probably shouldn't have a firearm.

An auction house in Sigourney holds two consignment sales a year. We could keep the good and sell the rest and break even or better.