Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Iowa legislative update 2/22/12

Nothing... Absolutely nothing.

Every gun bill in the House is mired in committee and according to Iowa Gun Owners claim, it's all political.

HJR2005 - Adding a Gun Rights Amendment to the State Constitution.

HF2114 - Reinforcing the prohibition of local, county and city gun regulations.

HF2113 - The "Constitutional Carry" bill.

HF2116 - Removing the need to obtain a purchase permit for handguns.

HF573 - Iowa's "Castle Doctrine" bill.

Good advice from IGO to contact the leadership to get things moving. Here's contact information for Speaker Kraig Paulsen

If we could pass only one bill in the statehouse this year, I would pick the Castle Doctrine bill. An anti-self-defense county attorney or an over-litigious lawyer could ruin a persons' life after they successfully defend themselves from a criminal.


Robert Fowler said...|topnews|text|News

Right here is a perfect example of the need for castle doctrine/stand your ground. There was no reason for this man's life to be ruined. Sarcone is a liberal idiot pisswit. He hates the new law because he would have to do some work. The way it is now you're guilty until you can prove you aren't.

Jim said...

Stranded: I agree that, able to pick just one, the castle bill would be the best choice on practical grounds. If nothing else it would tend to prevent the kind of outrages Robert cited.

Still, I have just as much trouble with purchase permits. Current Iowa law says: "We will permit only selected parts of the United States Constitution to function in Iowa."

At least most of the measures you cite survived the funnel (as phoney as that concept is), so with effective political work we have some chance of seeing a little progress this session.

I'm trying to work up little piece on the subject over at my place.

Jim said...

(Wednesday morning) -- Are you giggling at the runaway Democrats as hard as I am. :)