Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Iowa Legislative update, 2/6/13

HouseFile57 A reasonable force\stand your ground bill
The Senate version:  Senate File 96

A Bill to eliminate a permit to purchase a handgun and change it to a permit to purchase any firearm. It would be optional to use for acquiring firearms from an FFL dealer. A cursory reading gives the impression that no permits needed for private sales (even for handguns). House File 73 
House File 81. This would make carry permit information confidential. One thing I would like added is a penalty for making that information public. We should hold people who release that information accountable, both the public servant and the publisher.
House Joint Resolution 6: A Constitutional Amendment for the right to keep and bear arms
No "assault" weapon bans or some such nonsense have been introduced this year (so far). But a couple of other bills have caught my interest that require a bit more research.
Iowan's, contact your legislators regarding these bills and express your thoughts.

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