Friday, January 31, 2014

Gun giveaway brings out all the best hoplophobes

Iowa Gun Owners is having a gun giveaway and the vocabulary of the hoplophobes includes: "appalling", "irresponsible", and “We’re not in the Old West anymore. This is supposed to be a civilized country.” - Rep. Sharon Steckman, D-Mason City. The Des Moines Register has it all.

Not to be outdone, a talking mutton from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence ignored the part in the announcement about obeying all gun laws, and lamented about the poor "child" who might win an AR-15: “Children clearly do not have the maturity necessary to handle rifles designed for use on the battlefield; and this type of flip, macho attitude about gun ownership is exactly how accidents happen,” [Ladd] Everitt said. Read the IGO announcement.

Since the giveaway can only go to a person that passes a background check, nobody under the age of 18 in Iowa would be able to receive the rifle. I guess that means the United States is sending "children" to the battlefield where they would actually handle fully automatic rifles, instead of the semi-automatics that are only allowed to be possessed in the state by mere citizens here in Iowa.

Good thing we have misinformed spokespeople from Washington, D.C. to straighten us out. We don't need them when we have nanny-state representatives at the statehouse.

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