Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gov. Branstad stands up to US Attorney General

Iowa Governor, Terry Branstad, stood up to US Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday over Holder's comments regarding his opinion that felons should be able to vote after they serve their sentence. (No word about his concern that felons should be able to have their 2nd Amendment rights restored after they serve their sentences.) The money quote:
“I’m disappointed that the attorney general of the United States who also was involved in that ‘Fast and Furious’ project to give guns to drug smugglers in Mexico would criticize Iowa without even knowing the Iowa Constitution,”
In other words: "Stick it."

I'm curious that Branstad would use that dig against the AG. While viewing this report on the TV they hoisted a typical barb from the Iowa Democrat party: whining about the drive to require IDs to vote. (No word about the requirement to provide an ID in order to purchase a firearm from a dealer.)

Democrats always provide the best hypocrisy.

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