Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Science is Settled!

Because some politician says so.

Like a traveling snake-oil salesman, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island (Democrat - what else) came to Des Moines to lecture Iowans on what is the most important issue, first and foremost, forever and ever, amen: "climate change."
“I want to work with you to make sure Iowa is sending a strong message to every single presidential candidate that shows their face here: If you’re going to be credible in Iowa, you’ve got to be credible on climate change,” said Whitehouse, who received a round of applause from the more than 100 lawmakers and Iowans in attendance at his Statehouse discussion.
"Credible" - good one there, senator. More likely 100 gullible sycophants willing to lap up anything the guy said. Whitehouse must be an expert since he's a senator from a big important state from the East.

Attributed as saying, "climate change is an unquestionable fact" he must not be reading anything posted by Borepatch to the contrary. After that, he listed doomsday scenarios that have will kill us all, like blown tires because the temperature raised one-tenth of a degree in 10 centuries.

Nah, just the usual "oceans will rise", "big companies are liars", "you ordinary citizens are too stupid to understand" and "skeptics should be excommunicated, jailed or flogged."

Okay, maybe that wasn't clearly stated in the article, but seriously, go read Borepatch. He's compiled more rebuttals that deserve to be read.

Keep wasting time on climate change Dems, maybe a few gullible folks will buy into it.

Senator Whitehouse in Des Moines:

"It's all man's fault. And Republicans. And big business. It's propaganda to deny this!"

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