Monday, March 7, 2011

Bills at the statehouse, March 2011

Last Friday, March 4, was the deadline for bills to be voted out of various committees in what it called "the funnel."

Some bills didn't make it:
NO PERMIT NEEDED: Iowans who acquire a pistol or revolver would no longer need to apply for an annual permit. HSB 16.

RIGHTS IN THE CONSTITUTION: A proposed amendment to the Iowa Constitution would provide that individuals have the right to acquire, keep, possess, transport, carry, and use arms to defend life and liberty and for all other legitimate purposes. HSB 17.

GUN TAXES: Iowa gun licensure, registration, taxation “or any other measure that suppresses or discourages” gun ownership would be unconstitutional. HSB 17.

GUN SILENCERS: Silencers or “suppressors” that muffle gunshots would be legalized. HF 104.

PREEMPTION: Local governments could not regulate guns or ban them from public buildings; authority would rest solely with the state. HSB 19.

WEAPONS BAN: The carrying of weapons in state, county and local government buildings would be banned; law enforcement would be the exception. SF 128.

CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY: Iowans would no longer need to seek a permit from a sheriff in order to carry a weapon. HSB 20.
These bills made it through:
STAND-YOUR-GROUND: Iowans could use reasonable force, including killing someone, to prevent serious injury or death to themselves or someone else, when they’re anywhere they have a legal right to be. No duty to first try to flee. HF 7.

EMERGENCIES: Government officials couldn’t remove lawfully-held firearms and ammunition from citizens during a state of emergency. HF 320.

SECURITY GUARDS: Professional security guards could perform their duties on school grounds while carrying a sidearm. An early version contained a drafting error that mentioned carrying a machine gun or other forbidden weapons; that was deleted. HF122.

GUN TRAINING: Firearms range training would be required for any Iowan to get a new permit to carry a weapon. SSB 1056.
The Des Moines Register has a list of more bills that did or didn't make it through the 2011 legislative funnel.

For my Iowa visitors: contact your state legislators and tell them what you think so far.

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