Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who can argue against common sense gun laws

Iowa gun law advances in Iowa Senate

Require more training to get your permission slip.

Make you pay the costs for a denial of your permit by the sheriff.

Can't carry where they sell booze. Places like your local HyVee and Casey's inconvenience stores.

Here's a little tidbit regarding training:
Applications for permits to carry weapons shall be made to the sheriff of the county in which the applicant resides. Applications for professional permits to carry weapons for persons who are nonresidents of the state, or whose need to go armed arises out of employment by the state, shall be made to the commissioner of public safety. In either case, the sheriff or commissioner, before issuing the permit, shall 1 determine that the requirements of sections 724.6 to 724.10, 2 have been satisfied.
This will throw the approval process right back to the county sheriffs and make you pay to appeal if he/she doesn't think your training is good enough.

Good luck getting those permits in Johnson, Lee, Linn and any other county that had a sheriff go on record against losing their permit gatekeeper role.

The Senate Study Bill - SSB1056

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