Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trial date set for Jeffrey McAdam's accused murderer

October 18th, in Iowa County.

The judge has already thrown out damaging statements from Peter Riggs, the man accused of murdering Jeffrey McAdam at an Iowa County rest stop last year. It's possible the discovery of the murder weapon could be thrown out as well since the deputy searched Riggs' car without permission.
The court also heard arguments regarding the defense’s motion to suppress the weapon police believe was used in the killing because it was illegally seized. Baumgartner said she would take the arguments under advisement and rule later.

Peter Persaud, Riggs’ attorney, argued deputies who arrested Riggs in Johnson County after the shooting didn’t have probable cause to search his vehicle, where they found two .9 mm pistols, a stun gun and a double bladed martial arts knife.
Because of this testimony from Johnson County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dan Quiles:
Persaud asked Quiles if he asked Riggs if he had a permit to carry a concealed weapon or if they asked for consent to search his car.

Quiles said no.
Without consent...

Because the judge threw out previous statements by Riggs to the Johnson County deputies, the defense attorney is arguing other statements should be dismissed as well:
Persaud also argued any statements made by Riggs during his transport from Johnson County to Iowa County for the McAdam slaying should also be suppressed because Riggs earlier invoked his rights to remain silent with Johnson County authorities. A few hours later an Iowa County deputy read Riggs his miranda[sic] rights and continued questioning him.
I don't claim to know the details from these hearings and I wasn't present during the 30 minute car ride that took place, but it doesn't look good for a conviction if statements or the murder weapon can't be admitted into evidence.

If they turn him loose though, I don't think he'd make it out of the county.

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