Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clinton County Sheriff is concerned about legislation

Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln seems to have some issues with the legislation proposed by IowaCarry and the NRA. He doesn't like the carry permit change from a "may-issue" to a "shall-issue"
“The unfortunate aspect is if we go to a ‘shall issue’ state, and a person comes into my office, applies for that permit to carry a concealed weapon and they don’t have any of the disqualifiers, I have to give them permit to carry a concealed weapon,” said Lincoln. “The problem with that is, there are people that don’t have the disqualifiers but we all know shouldn’t be carrying a concealed weapon.”
Some interpretations of the proposed legislation is that it really isn't a "shall-issue", but we won't quibble. Sheriff Lincoln can look into someone's soul and predetermine whether they are qualified to carry concealed.

The proposed legislation that I've read stated that there are stipulations that the person has to go through beyond a background check. A state-approved testing process after paying fees and a 30 day conditional permit that can be revoked if a sheriff wants. Doesn't sound so easy nor a "shall-issue".

Rep. Tom Schueller, D-Maquoketa (one of our betters at the state house) had this to say:
“I guess, my feeling on this as a legislative body, we have far more important issues to address this year than worrying about changing how handguns are issued when it’s already working,” said Schueller.
Except it isn't working in some counties like Johnson or Linn where only a very few connected people can get a permit.

Back to what the sheriff thinks of our rights:
Lincoln said he can see the NRA’s side of the issue. However, he said the change would bring up some concerns on how well he could regulate the carrying of concealed weapons
The sheriff wants to regulate...

And icing on the cake:
“There’s other times where perhaps we have an ongoing investigation of a criminal nature on that individual. And I sure as heck wouldn’t want to issue that person a permit to carry a weapon knowing that two weeks, my deputies are going to kick his door in and go into that person’s residence and all of a sudden he’s shooting at my a deputies with a gun that he’s carrying legally because I gave it to him.”
Anyone can "legally" carry in their own home right now, Herr Sheriff. No permits required.

And that's it right there. This sheriff wants an unarmed citizenry just in case he wants to kick their door in.

Read more at: Gun permit issues concern sheriff


straightarrow said...

Isn't that what they all want? No consequences for middle of the night home invasions. It just mucks things up when they get the wrong address, or don't have a warrant and don't get to kill an unarmed tenant before he can defend himself. My God man! are you a cop hater?

Trying to take away one of their greatest pleasures is a sign of a cop-hater. How are they going to feel big and brave if they are afraid to break into your home, instead of just knocking on the door.

strandediniowa said...

SA, this sheriff makes an asinine statement about someone defending their home which does nothing to bolster is argument against changes to the status quo.

It's not based on reality and the paper never questioned him.

I hope he doesn't get re-elected.

straightarrow said...

I'm with you guy. I hope he locks the keys in his patrol car and he can't get out until he starves to death and they have to use the "jaws of life" to get him out.