Thursday, December 10, 2009

In your face, America

Giving a proverbial middle finger to his political opponents, Obama's White House Christmas ball served cookies in the shape of an acorn. Iowa Rep. Steve King was a bit surprised and saved a few.
"I didn't expect to see such stark symbolism," King said in an e-mail.

"Bill Clinton redefined a two and a three-letter word," King said, a reference to Clinton's denial of the Lewinsky scandal . "But from the man who wrote 'The Audacity of Hope,' we were served the very redefinition of the word 'audacity.'"

The hubris of this administration is wearing thin on many Americans.

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straightarrow said...

Well, as you know it can be said that Obama is a product of Acorn, at least partially.

So there must be some truth to the saying, "From tiny acorns mighty oafs grow."

no, not a typo.

strandediniowa said...

King is a little "nutty" himself, but I will tolerate him since he's a thorn in the liberals' sides.