Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tom Harkin, Constitutional scholar

Our Sen. Tom Harkin (the guy in the middle smiling at Daniel Ortega), whom I posted earlier that Senator Tom Harkin is a financial genius has now displayed his Constitutional knowledge regarding the Senate's tradition of filibustering. Harkin considers raising bill to end filibuster
So, in 1995 as a member of the newly minority party, Sen. Tom Harkin could have exacted revenge by offering to filibuster Republicans at every turn. Instead, he pushed for reform.
One of the most partisan politicians being gracious? How kind and generous of him. I'll hold him up to the kids as an example.
Given what he sees as the abuse of power by a couple members of his own party whom he said are threatening to join the minority party if their every demand is not met, Harkin is considering reintroducing the legislation.
Oh, wait. Now Harkin is being vindictive? I'm confused.
"I did a lot of research on this back in the '90s, and it turned out the filibuster is just a Senate rule, not the Constitution or anything like that," Harkin said.

Regardless of its origins, Harkin said the filibuster has outlived its usefulness.

"Today, in the age of instant news and Internet and rapid travel -- you can get from anywhere to here within a day or a few hours -- the initial reasons for the filibuster kind of fall by the wayside, and now it's got into an abusive situation," Harkin said.

He and the constitutional scholars agree that the intention was never to hold up legislation entirely.
He did a lot of research and agreed with unamed Constitutional scholars...

But apparently Old Tom seemed like to filibuster when it came time to vote on Pres. Bush's judicial nominees. Harkin Filibuster
Iowa's Senator Tom Harkin joined his fellow Democrats – led by then-Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle -- in filibustering President Bush's judicial nominees, although for years prior he adamantly demanded "up or down" floor votes for all judicial nominees.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Harkin.


straightarrow said...

If Harkin were to become a hypocrite, he would necessarily need to undergo an improvement of character.

strandediniowa said...

Yeah, he's pretty low. The ^*&@*^$~`