Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Police blotter roundup 12/30/09

Johnston - You probably would never have heard of 37-year-old Mary Sarna... if she hadn't been caught for allegedly speeding and arrested for allegedly driving drunk. Sarna, of Chicago, IL, was attending a class at the Iowa Law Enforcment Academy. Polk County Sheriff's Deputy Jana Rooker said another deputy stopped Sarna for speeding at 1:45 am on September 11, 2009. "Hopefully (Sarna) is going to learn from that mistake, but yeah, it's disappointing because I think as law enforcement officers we know we're held to a little higher expectation." said Rooker. INVESTIGATOR ARRESTED: Woman allegedly drove drunk with another cop
A preliminary hearing is set for a Polk County sheriff's deputy charged with domestic assault and harassment. Deputy John Negrete will appear before a judge January 5th.

According to an Altoona Police report, Deputy Negrete displayed a gun during a domestic argument Christmas night. Six officers from the Altoona Police Department and the Polk County Sheriff's Office responded and later arrested the deputy. DEPUTY DOMESTIC: A Polk County sheriff's deputy will appear before a judge January 5th to face domestic assault charges
Maybe this is why our attorney general wants to tighten up domestic abuse laws.


straightarrow said...

Both will walk away with no consequence of any consequence. These are the type of people needed to take unlawful orders to keep the serfs in "their place".

Any bets regarding the whether one loses her DL or the other loses his ability to possess a firearm under Lautenberg?

C'mon, I need a foolish better to enrich me.

straightarrow said...

bettor, I have no betters,and damn few equals.

strandediniowa said...

I wouldn't bet against you, SA