Monday, December 7, 2009

Iowa Independent - no bias here

Lynda Waddington has a cute article British press taps Iowans for comments on Palin, volatile state of society which takes a couple of Iowan's quotes from an article about Sarah Palin and her book tour: Guardian: God has chosen her to lead our country
Chuck Hurley, president of the Iowa Family Policy Center, said that Palin has “intense charisma that makes her very exciting and attractive” and that she “will be a force.”

“Watch who the left hates the most – that is somebody with high potential,” says Hurley. “They don’t shoot their bullets at someone who is not a threat to them.”

University of Iowa professor Ken Leicht, author of “The Post-Industrial Peasant,” views the current economic crunch as a key reason why so many are willing to fill a fear of the unknown with conspiracy theories regarding rampant gun-control laws, American cities being turned into massive concentration camps and even death panels for the elderly.

“We have the perfect storm for some pretty uncivil political activity,”
he says.
After using phrases like "massive book tour" and "contentious state of American political discourse", and the whole paragraph for the U of I professor, I noticed that they link to the professor, but not the guy from the Iowa Family Policy Center. They have a website, so that's no excuse.

I find it odd that the original article from the Guardian didn't link to either fellow, but the Iowa Independent decided one deserved a link and the other didn't.

I'm sure there was no intent there, absolutely none.


straightarrow said...

Maybe they're not so independent?

strandediniowa said...

You're right, SA.

I can declare myself 10 feet tall, but it doesn't make it so.