Friday, December 4, 2009

Kids find ATF agent's gun

Two Bettendorf, IA kids discover a revolver in a sewer in their neighborhood. The kids did the right thing by contacting an adult who contacted local law enforcement.

What could have been a tragic accident if the gun was discovered in a more accessible place, this was averted by a couple of kids smart enough to do the right thing.

Too bad we can't say the same thing about the owner of said firearm. You see he's a "special" agent of the BATFE. Noted on paragraph 5 of United States v. G Lindsey as a "firearms expert".

"Special" agent Mike Bartholomew, proud but absent-minded owner of that firearm
...lives just five houses from the storm sewer. When he heard neighbors talking about the discovery, he contacted police, saying he had misplaced a gun, and it was probably his.
That's some A-1 quality BS right there. "Misplaced". He's even so "special" he doesn't have to talk to the press:
Bartholomew politely reiterated Wednesday that he cannot talk to the media because of his role with ATF.
Isn't that "special".

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And thanks to him, we have editorials calling for a new law that would make stupidity like his a crime. Zero tolerance for missing guns

More laws against regular citizens because of someone who has no concept of responsible gun ownership. Tack on the fact he's with the ATF, and you add a whole level of stupid on top of it. Lucky for me, he probably serves in my area.

This weekend I'm going to check my gun cabinet to make sure I haven't "misplaced" any of my firearms.


straightarrow said...

I sincerely hope the cops ran a ballistics test on the gun. There's a reason guns end up in storm sewers.

strandediniowa said...

Good point, SA. But from the articles, it looks like they just handed it back to the guy.

straightarrow said...

Wouldn't have done that for any but an "Only One".

strandediniowa said...

Right again, SA.

I'm sure they wouldn't do it for you, me or any ordinary schmuck out in the real world.

If the press does its job, then they should hound him into retirement.