Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ed Dolan's letter to the NRA

A local gun rights advocate with plenty of credibility in the movement here in Iowa, Ed Dolan, published an op ed piece at AmmoLand
Central City, Iowa - -( For over two decades I have volunteered for you here in Iowa. As your Second Congressional District’s Election Volunteer Coordinator, I worked to elect pro-gun congressmen.

I served on the board of your lobbying arm, the Iowa Sportsmen’s Federation (ISF), and chaired the first two Friends of NRA fundraising dinners in Cedar Rapids. My friends and I have written numerous pro-gun letters to the local paper as well as appearing on radio and television fighting for our rights.

Yes, my support of the 2nd Amendment and the NRA has been broad, deep and consistent. However, I have long been troubled by your unwillingness to fight for political liberty in Iowa. We may be a “fly-over” state, but we have some of the worst concealed carry laws in the nation.

Years ago we had a pro-gun Republican majority in both legislative chambers and a willing Republican (Terry Branstad, 1983 – 1999) in the governor’s mansion, but the ISF refused to consider carry reform. Not enough political capital, we were told. Instead our NRA political contributions were spent on expanded deer seasons and a failed fight to shoot mourning doves.

Mr Dolan give a bit of history here in the state and encourages the NRA to back the Vermont-style carry bill from Iowa Gun Owners

Read the rest of Ed Dolan's letter to the NRA at: An Open Letter to the National Rifle Association

Reference from David Codrea at his Examiner site Competing concealed carry bills in Iowa divide gun owners

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