Thursday, December 10, 2009

No domestic bliss during a snow storm

After an earlier post on some snow removal stories, we have this from Council Bluffs, IA:
Council Bluffs, Ia. — Council Bluffs police say they arrested a man who allegedly assaulted his wife when she refused to help him shovel snow.

Officers say they went to the residence early Wednesday afternoon after the 44-year-old woman said her husband struck her in the head with his chest and attempted to pull her out of the house.
"...struck her in the head with his chest..."??? Why didn't he use the shovel?
She said she had been quarreling with her 45-year-old husband because he had accused her of being lazy around the house.
Laziness and stupidity is not a good combination in a marriage.

My wife didn't assist with the shoveling yesterday, but she has many times before. I guess I should have thumped her a good one.

(No, I didn't thump her)


straightarrow said...

ok,ok, I've been lording it over you with snide remarks about your snow and our no snow, but you got me on this one.

I would gladly accept the snowfall if I could get my wife to stike me in head with her chest.

strandediniowa said...

I'm needing a new keyboard now.

I won't take a swig of tea before reading your comments ever again.

Good one.