Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I have to look forward to


straightarrow said...

I truly wish you
didn't suffer so blue

When your feet grow so cold
and your heart feels so old

when out of your hovel
you try to shovel

All that Christmas beauty
in order to do your duty
to family, friends and passersby
who would drop in to say Hi.

If only they could navigate
the path from house to gate
to witness your exhausted state
due to the weather's hate

Of happy yuletide greetings
and other sweet meetings
when nature wants her way
she'll make someone pay

for wrecking her wintry design
she has no feeling benign
and will exact a fee.
Thank God, it isn't me.

Merry Christmas

strandediniowa said...

You've brightened up my morning, SA

"Thank God, it isn't me" - lol