Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sheriffs are afraid... of guns

"Some sheriffs didn't like people carrying concealed weapons, so they gave out very few permits," says Sioux County Sheriff Dan Altena.

But, now, they'll have no choice. January 1st If you have a clean background, you'll be qualified to carry handguns in the state of Iowa. It's a new law that's got some officials in concerned.

"I think that there are some Sheriff's [sic] that are very afraid, they don't have the right to say no when [sic] want to," says Sheriff Altena.

New laws may allow more Iowans to carry guns
The Sioux County sheriff seems to understand the fear mongering that has been going on throughout the state. Almost to the point that some would hope something goes wrong, that way the sheriffs could pile it on with the "I told you so" to the Iowa legislature.

Besides committing one of my pet peeves in the article (using "their" instead of the proper "there"), the title is a bit troublesome to me.

"Allow"? Really?

The only thing the new law "allows" are law-abiding citizens to go get permission to exercise a right. Does the law "allow" criminals to carry? No, there are laws on the books already for that.

Strike that. A piece of paper neither "allows" nor "prohibits" any action, but proscribes a threat of force if a member of society does not comply with the law. If one is unperturbed by the threat, then non-compliance is not an issue to them. (Just don't flout the law in Keokuk.) Actions (or non-actions) and consequences.

Only law-abiding citizens obviously comply with the law.

In a few weeks, Iowa will have a new method of legally exercising a right.

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