Monday, August 29, 2011

Boswell puff piece

How the not-so-enthusiastic-on-gun-rights representative's family was protected with the use of a gun.
The Boswell homestead, with its rolling hayfields, braying cattle and buggy-driving Amish neighbors, seems particularly far from affairs of state or worries of the world. But at 10:45 that Saturday night, trouble intruded.
Who writes this drivel?

After hearing a commotion in his Lamoni home, Boswell
...bounded down the hallway toward the front door. He had lost weight recently, after stomach surgery; the silver-haired combat veteran was less hulking, but swifter.
Swift as a puma, I bet.

Our good friend Ben has a different take on Rep Boswell as he points out a D- rating from Gun Owners of America and Boswell's support of trigger locks.

I'm glad that the representative and his family survived the intrusion into their home that night and that the punk is probably going to enjoy some justice.

But Ben put it best, "Luckily for Boswell, the Second Amendment protects hypocrites too."

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