Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gun range - Denied

Once approved (Gun range moves forward) a gun range in Sioux Center has been shelved after a vote by the Sioux County board of Supervisors. Nevermind that Sioux Center city council unanimously voted in favor of the range and the DNR report gives it a green light.

Gun range issue tabled in Sioux County

In a classic "not in my back yard" blather, a local resident states:
"I want to see this happen. I want to see it for the citizens of this community but I don't want to see it happen at Sandy Hollow," said Aaron Bark of Sioux Center.
Many of us have limited choices on where to go to practice and the neighbors of the Sandy Hollow range had a very good opportunity to use a facility so close to their homes. A well-run range would mitigate risks for the community so long as the reasonable concerns of the community are met.

It looks like an opportunity will not come to pass.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Bea's shooting buddy calls her when there is a bunch of shooting at the Clemon's Creek shooting range, just west of Washington, IA. They go out and have a great time picking up brass for reloading. The Sioux County fathers are missing the boat with this decision.

strandediniowa said...

I think they're missing the big picture as well.

Maybe if the range could appeal to local law enforcement as a training site, that might help.