Friday, December 16, 2011

Is This Hell? No, It's Iowa

Is This Hell? No, It's Iowa

[ed note: Found! In a dumpster behind Hamburg Inn, the first draft of University of Iowa professor Stephen G. Bloom's anthropology dissertation for Atlantic magazine explaining the bizarre cultural mores of the primative Aborigines who pay his salary.]

Iowahawk gives his unique perspective on the latest blather from a snobbish elite professor.


Midwest Chick said...

I think Bloom has now been outed as the elitist snob that he's probably been all along.

Thanks to the Internet, something that might have gone unnoticed due to the lack of real content, except to those of like mind with Bloom, in The Atlantic has been brought to light.

Middle America is tired of the condescending attitude of folks like Bloom and like those in the federal government at this time who feel that we're too provincial and backward to know what's right and what's wrong. Problem being they know only moral equivocation and thus stand for nothing.

Sorry, guess I was ranting a bit. he's a scumbag and I'm glad that even the President of the University disavowed his words. Maybe he can move someplace where his talents would deemed valuable (although I can't think offhand where that might be). Also hoping that he loses his $107,000/year salary which might happen if students refuse to take his classes.

strandediniowa said...

The U of I president is probably only interested in the publicity and this is bad publicity. Bloom is on sabbatical (not sure if paid or not) to Michigan, so he wrote all of this from a safe distance.

When liberals start calling for his head then it's time to let him go. Even for a leftist-liberal college campus like Iowa. The bum is tenured which will mean a severance package to get rid of him.

I'm betting that he wanted out and this is a good way to save face for him. He was academically true to his philosophy and could be let go because of it.

Instant street cred in his liberal circles.