Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sheriff Runde likes things just as they are

During the gun show in Dubuque, IA this weekend, Dubuque County Sheriff Ken Runde gave a few comments about the gun laws in Iowa to a reporter.

In a display of obfuscation:
"I'm not going to set up the guidelines for them. If they have a good need, and they can explain it to me, I'll support that," he said. Runde rejected 24 percent of applicants last year.
In an effort to show off his Constitutional knowledge:
Runde said he thinks some people might have the right to purchase a gun and the right to carry a concealed gun confused.
To me it seems that he's the one confused about the right to keep and bear arms. That "bearing" equal to "carrying" and all.
12. to carry; bring (from "bear")
And to show off his elitist attitude:
"Do you want everyone to carry a gun? No. We've got to think about the reality of what's going on here," he said.
The reality is that criminals aren't going to ask his permission to carry, just the law-obeying people.

And the money-quote from someone who has their permit and to hell with everyone else:
Adam Eilers, 22, carries a permit from Clayton County, where the sheriff is known to grant them to most applicants.

"I think it should be the sheriff's discretion, because he can see what kind of person you are, especially if it's a small county," Eilers said.
So it's who know (or who knows you), and you're in like flint.

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straightarrow said...

got an email address for sheriff runde? Or maybe his mother's phone number, he does still live with her doesn't he? Surely to God, she doesn't let him out on his own.