Saturday, February 27, 2010

I've been exercising this weekend

Am I training for a marathon? Nope

Trying to shave off those winter pounds? Not really (even though I should).

No, I've been exercising my rights. Among those are:
The freedom to assemble and to be with people of a like mind (as long as they put up with me).

The freedom of speech - to speak my mind without fear of a government crackdown.

The freedom of exchanging money for goods and services that were provided to me. In other words - Capitalism

And most importantly, the freedom to keep and bear arms.
I attended the first day of Hi $ sportman's auction, Feb 27th & 28th and exchanged my wages for firearm related goods. (Bullets and brass).

If I plan on keeping what I can bear, I need to get to work on my reloads.

On Sunday, over 250 firearms are up for auction along with ammunition and a few odds and ends. I hope to come home with a few bargains.

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