Friday, February 19, 2010

Half of Iowans want sheriffs to decide their rights

According to the Des Moines Register:
Half of Iowans oppose changing the state law on concealed weapons to ensure that applicants are denied permits only for a limited set of reasons, an Iowa Poll shows.
I would contend that half of the people of Iowa don't even understand the true issue regarding the permit process in this state. The sheriffs of each county have free-reign of power to deny anyone their right to carry a firearm (concealed).
In their push for more standardized rules, one gun advocacy group is resorting to some fiery tactics, which some lawmakers — Democratic and Republican — denounce.
(That would be Iowa Gun Owners.)

In a "I've got mine, so why should I care about yours" attitude:
Poll respondent Rebecca Gillette, 59, of Casey said she and her husband drive a 25-year-old car. They don't own a cell phone. But when they go out, they usually take a gun with them.

"We're big, big gun advocates," Gillette said.

Gillette said her husband, who doesn't have any criminal background, easily obtained a concealed weapons permit from the Guthrie County sheriff.

But not everyone should get that kind of permit so easily, said Gillette, who usually carries a small knife in her pocket. Sheriffs should have the right to deny a permit for a concealed gun for any reason, say if someone's been "in and out of trouble" but doesn't have a conviction, she said.
That "due process" gets in the way of everything, doesn't it? And Casey isn't in Dubuque, Johnson, Jasper, Des Moines, or Louisa counties or else her husband would have had a tougher time if not impossible effort getting his permit.

Some politicians don't appreciate some of the efforts of Iowa Gun Owners
"Bullying tactics are thug politics," [Rep. Clel] Baudler said. "They think with these tactics they can force people into doing what they want them to do."

Iowa Gun Owners' executive director, Aaron Dorr, responded: "It's sad that professed pro-gun (lawmakers) refuse to take action to support pro-gun legislation."
Not "sad", it's criminal. Maybe Baudler, Gronstal and others should be out of office next election.

Go to Iowa Poll: Half of Iowans want to leave gun law alone

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straightarrow said...

I never met a sheriff that was a man. Not all of them were women, either. Although some of the women have been better men than the pipe carriers. Did I say pipe carriers? Hell, I meant 'slicks'.

don't worry vietnam vets will know what a slick is .

If a sheriff doesn't uphold the constitution of the United States, he has betrayed his oath. That is a criminal offense. Probably can't get him arrested and tried by his politically entrenched buddies. However, he has no reason to expect he will make back to his office if he betrays his oath. That is treason.

Not encouraging anyone to do anything ugly, but damn, wouldn't you think a traitor would worry ab out it