Sunday, February 21, 2010

Use enough gun

Bawb at Ben and Bawb's Blog has given his analysis of the various battle rifles currently used by our armed forces.

With plenty of snark interspersed with ballistics and a comparison of the calibers used by our forces and our enemies, Bawb.
Yeah but…yeah but…yeah but 5.56mm rounds are smaller, so soldiers can carry a lot more of them, and the various models of M16-series fire bursts or full-auto, so the men can spray ‘n’ pray a whole lot of un-aimed rounds downrange and just suppress the living hell out of the enemy. Well, not according to a British Royal Marine veteran of Afghanistan: “The Taliban ignore 5.56 mm, are worried by 7.62 mm and fear 12.7 mm rounds.
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straightarrow said...

I ain't even in Afghanistan, and I fear the 12.7 mm round. Why? because I'm smart, that's why!

My son, as part of his work carries 15 rounds of 9mm. He is undergunned. We never had to double-tap until we went to "polite" rounds. I carry a 1911A1, when I carry. As I explained to him, with seven in the mag and one in the pipe, I was half a round more ammo'd than he was. He double taps and puts down 7 and maybe 8 but probably not, I hit eight with .45 ACP, their out of the fight, I don't have to double up. Of course, I can't miss, but Hell if you're going to miss you better have your track shoes on anyway/