Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Camp Stranded

The Stranded house has been looking for some property. Enough to grow some food, maybe enough corn for a furnace. Room enough for my own range to shoot when I want instead of when I can. The place we've used the past few years has a tendency to be under water most of the time, especially since '08. Room for a woodshop so that Dad could look down on it and be jealous.

Today the sellers accepted our offer (The tightwad in me will always think it was too much, but it was at the high end of our range, so...) on a little more than 5 acres.

For now, I'll call it Camp Stranded and The Two Rivers Lodge. Anybody else with a better name, let me know. Here's a picture of the front door to the lovely "cabin":

I'm looking forward to plenty of cool, refreshing breezes over the summer.

Okay, so it's going to need some work, but I've been known to be handy sometimes.

I'll be asking advice from Sam when it gets time to drop a couple of trees. There are some leaners that will need to be dropped soon. Overall, not as many trees as we'd like but we'll remedy that and we'll need to work on some drainage as well.

All and all, a nice little money pit that we can spend time away from work and worry.

That is, if I had time to get away from work and worry.

It's not the perfect place, but it ain't bad. Looks like I have to replace the front door though...


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Oh Boy! A Mission! Send photos of those trees, please; up close showing the base and up to about 6 feet, and a picture of the tree from the spot you want it to land; plus one from 90 degrees to the direction you want it to fall.

strandediniowa said...

Slow down. It's not officially in my name yet, Sam. I've got a county septic inspection on Friday that might put a kink in the plan. The abstract might be hinky, too. Who knows. I've got my ducks lined up (financing, etc), but with my luck... And my pessimistic character isn't helping.

If all goes well, a lot of lead will be expended on April 30.

One of the trees seems like a challenge. +/-30 degree lean towards the road and a nice split that concerns me. There's nothing in the way for it, but it seems like it's tall enough to reach a few feet into the road. And the split makes me nervous.

I'll let you know how things progress.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I don't expect to come north until maybe June, but I can sure pack a saw to bring with me next time.

Height of the leaner, and distance to power lines will be important information. If there is a chance it can hit the lines you will want the power company to handle that one.

Bawb said...

Congrats! Nothing like having your own place; raise a garden and some chickens, shoot your toys without driving to the range, and you can piss off the back porch whenever you damn well please.

BTW, can I interest you in 50 acres outside of Red Lodge, Montana? You'd still be Between two rivers (Clark's Fork and the Yellowstone) and you could call it Stranded's Command Post West or something.

strandediniowa said...

Sam, no power lines to worry about (one of the reasons to call it Camp Stranded). If things go well after the inspection, then I'll get a little more serious.

Bawb, I know what you mean. One can get arrested for back porch activity. (not that I have any experience in that area) I'm going to have to work on a good backstop for the toys.

50 acres? Hmmm... That sounds interesting. I might need a partner to swing it but it's possible.

Jim said...

Fingers crossed. May the inspection czars decide not to get between a willing buyer and willing seller.

(I'm idly wondering if pit toilets are still legal out in the countryside, at least as a temporary measure. Or does using one Boy Scout cat hole get you a free stay in Anamosa?)

I pass by your way two or three times a year, and I still wield a pretty mean Stihl.

strandediniowa said...

The county guy says it's do-able. His quote was, "I've seen worse."

Thanks for the offers of help.

Bawb said...

Two words for safely felling trees from a distance...Det Cord.