Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going to the Fair? Don't be carrying a weapon

The Iowa State Fair is the place to be so long as you leave your carry gun at home or locked in your car outside of the gates. They are prohibited this year after the riots (outside of the gates) at last year's fair.
Iowa State Patrol Capt. Gary Nieuwsma says the permits do not apply at the fairgrounds.

"The State Fair is a place where guns and knives are prohibited," he said.
Interesting thought is that the DNR holds their annual gun auction on the fairgrounds and a gun show is held there several times a year.

I guess it's okay to carry during these events but not at the annual state fair after a couple of dozen people were stabbed last year?


Jim said...

I wonder (and will check) if the no-gun rule is based on something in the lawbooks or if it's an administrative decree.


Jim said...

Looks like Woodbury County is ready for purple on your map. The supers have just adopted a county-building ban. News links are at my place, where I've also linked back to you.

strandediniowa said...

Thanks, Jim.

The fairgrounds appears to be an administrative ruling similar to all of the county gun bans. From the article and others I found, you would be asked to leave and charged with trespassing if you refused (provided you had a permit, of course.)

Jail time if you don't have a permit.

I will update the map. Thanks again, Jim.