Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Congressman's home defended with a gun

Boswell 'doing well' after scuffle with armed intruder
U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell scuffled with an armed intruder at his southern Iowa farmhouse late Saturday night before his grandson pointed a gun at the intruder, who then fled, Boswell's staff said.
Congressman Who Defended Daughter Against Home Invader 'Did What Every Father Would Do'

Rep. Leonard Boswell said Monday his instincts as a father led him to try to tackle an armed man who burst into his home and attacked his daughter.

Boswell says the man wearing a ski mask burst into the home near Lamoni late Saturday, grabbed his daughter and demanded money.
Jim, over at Travis McGee Reader has some thoughts on the Boswell Break-in:
Decatur County Sheriff Herbert Muir said Sunday night that he doesn’t think Boswell’s house was targeted, either because of his job or for another reason. He said it was probably a random attempted robbery thwarted in part because the robber didn’t realize how many people were in the house.

Come on, Herb. There were three people in the farmhouse -- two of them aged -- and one young man. The thug had a gun, so we presume he was prepared to deal with people. He wasn't at all thwarted until he he found himself eyeball to muzzle with the owners' shotgun. Then he was thwarted
Could not have said it better.

After suffering a broken rib, I hope Rep Boswell and his family are doing well and the law catches up with the crook.

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