Saturday, July 16, 2011

Former Iowa first lady to run for Congress

Against Steve King - good luck with that.

Carpet-bagger, Christie Vilsack, who took up "residency" in Ames so she could have a shot at Congress, apparently has come up with some money during a "listening tour" for the newly formed 4th District. Her opponent will be the formidable Steve King.

She's picked up almost a half a million dollars from poor, hard-working Iowans in the last quarter.

I don't know what kind of congress-critter she would be but I suppose she Congress could use more comic relief.

Before we go too far, I'm reminded of a State29 post regarding a column Vilsack wrote. He linked to a Boston Herald article that was none too flattering that now has a broken link. But here are a couple of classy lines from an op ed that Vilsack wrote in 1994:
"I am fascinated at the way some African-Americans speak to each other in an English I struggle to understand, then switch to standard English when the situation requires," Vilsack wrote in a 1994 column in the Mount Pleasant News, while her husband, Tom, was a state senator....

Vilsack wrote that southerners seem to have "slurred speech," wrote that she'd rather learn Polish than try to speak like people from New Jersey, and wrote that a West Virginian waitress once offered her friend a "side saddle" instead of a "side salad."...
I'm hoping that she brings her husband and current Ag secretary, Tom Vilsack on the campaign trail.

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