Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tri State Gun Club permit classes

With the permit law changing on January 1st, there is an increased interest in taking certified classes. Tri State Gun Club Near Fort Madison, is offering 7 classes until the end of the year.
The courses not only teach the safe handling of a handgun and live firing, but give information about legal issues about carrying a concealed weapon, familiarization with several types of handguns, ammunition, carrying techniques and accessories to effectively do so.

Participants will be given instruction in threat perception, engaging a threat and live fire drills.

The classes’ last eight hours include about four hours of classroom work and four hours of practical exercises and live firing.

Hunold said a trend is the interest women are showing in the courses.

He said in the first five years he was an instructor he didn’t have any women take courses. In the last two years, interest has risen and he always has at least one woman in class and usually two or three.

Elaine Eschman, who was firing at the gun club on Thursday, said women who have children should consider taking a firearms course because more than likely their children will come across a gun at some point. She said the course will help mothers teach their children to appreciate guns and to be safe around them.

State gun permit law change increases local gun class sizes
It's good to see more women involved in self defensive weapon training and the club is scheduled to have an all women instruction class on October 17.
The courses are offered by MD Training Associates and are taught by NRA and Iowa Law Enforcement Academy certified instructors.

Participants will be required to complete a liability waiver prior to taking any course. Pre-registration and a deposit is required. Deposits are refundable in the event of a course cancellation or upon a minimum two-week notice by registrant.

Contact instructors Mark Vogel at 524-1428 or [Dave] Hunold at 524-4936 for more information.

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