Thursday, July 8, 2010

McDonald ruling could lead to more gun laws

So says the chairman of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Firearms Committee, Scott M. Knight.

The chief of Chaska, Minn. thinks that the recent Supreme Court ruling would give cities and states a grand opportunity to enact more gun control laws. And he's right. The majority ruling in McDonald and Heller basically offered the groundwork to do that. But only if the laws are "constitutional" one might add.
A ruling handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court last week threatens Chicago's 28-year-old ban on handguns. But the court's finding that residents have a Second Amendment right to keep a handgun in their home for protection could also provide a new opportunity for Chicago -- and other cities and towns across the country -- to enact strict firearms policies.
Chief Knight is asking for an elimination of private sales by ridding the dreaded "gun show loophole" and get rid of "assault weapons" and armor piercing ammunition.
The obvious solution to this senseless loss of life is reasonable law on who can buy guns (close the "gun show -- no background check needed" loophole); on the kinds of guns and ammunition that can be purchased (e.g., military assault weapons and armor-piercing bullets do not belong on our streets); on the reporting of lost or stolen firearms, and on how guns are kept and stored.
Ignoring the fact that current laws prohibit certain convicted felons from possessing firearms, he advocates making something illegal more illegal. Outstanding logic.

Making the case that law enforcement and first responders need protection, he advocates more laws and a "Predatory Offender Registry" to keep track of the more violent criminals. And these "predators" are not incarcerated, why?
Gun violence is a destructive force and threat to our communities and society. We need sensible gun policies to reduce this threat. Last week's Supreme Court decision has provided all of us with an opportunity to make that happen.
Monopoly of force for governments is not a "destructive force and threat to our communities and society"?

Have a gander at the typical gun control arguments of "saving one life" etc. at: There's still plenty of room for sensible gun laws

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straightarrow said...

No matter how many lawsuits are filed and even won against crap like this, the Daleys of the nation will replace the defeated law with another just as egregious, requiring another lawsuit. In this way they can extend this fight for centuries. No! That is not hyperbole, centuries.
This will only be settled when unpleasant ramifications are visited upon the abusers. Since we have no expectations, realistic or fanciful, of these ramifications being supplied by the justice system we have only one way to settle this issue peacefully. That is surrender. Let them have their way. That is the only avenue to peaceful resolution.
If you find that to be anathema to your rights and our nation then the only way to settle this to its proper conclusion is force.
Anything less will not work, because the tyrants lose nothing, even when they lose. Force will change the solution to that equation and as things now stand, it is the only thing that will.