Sunday, July 11, 2010

NRA lawsuit in Iowa

The NRA has given notice to West Burlington, IA that their city ban on handguns in any "structure, dwelling, garage or shelter owned, leased or otherwise occupied by the city" will be fought "with every means at our [NRA] disposal." Passed in 2002, this ban includes any carried by people with permits. NRA: Gun bans violate state law
Gun advocates have warned that they may consider legal action against cities or counties seeking to approve further restrictions.

"That's too bad," West Burlington Mayor Hans Trousil said about opposition to his city's ban from the National Rifle Association. "They need to sit in our chairs and worry about these nut jobs that go around with guns."
"Nut jobs." - Cute.

Apparently Trousil is referring to the Mt. Pleasant Mayor, Ed King (mentioned in the article) would was murdered during a city council meeting by Ralph Davis in 1986. Describing Davis as "disgruntled" but not mentioning why, here is some background. After city "improvements", sewage was backing up into Davis' basement on a regular basis. After repeated attempts to get the city to solve the problem, it is rumored that Mayor King blew Davis off. Davis then shot, killed the mayor and wounded two council members, then sat and waited for police.

The politicians running Burlington/West Burlington and Des Moines County have a nasty habit of pushing citizens around. Read Burlington Derailed for a history. Maybe Mayor Trousil should be nervous.
The rifle association and affiliated organizations in Iowa anticipate more attempts to thwart Iowa's new gun permit law once it goes into effect in January. The groups are preparing legal action in the event that other such laws and ordinances are approved by city and county governments, said Scott Pope, a lobbyist with the Iowa Sportsman Federation.
Dubuque is another city that is threatening gun ordinances.

Politicians apparently believe that a piece of paper would prevent violence from taking place. Also, they don't seem to think that a citizen could be the one who comes to their protection.

Because, as we know, guns in the hands of law enforcement officers = good, in the hands of citizens = bad.

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