Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Open your mouth, lose your job

Trying to act like a big shot will sometimes get you in trouble. That's what happened to a "woman on track to become a Linn County prosecutor" last month. Woman Loses Job as County Prosecutor After Confrontation with Police

Lisa Jones-Hall acted like she was too important to receive a ticket for tinted windows from Marion police last month.
The officer asked Jones-Hall to sign a ticket because he said her windows were illegally tinted. But, she initially refused to sign it, called the officer names and then brought up the job she was supposed to start the following week. “Ok. I want you to arrest me for having tinted windows. I start with the Linn County Prosecutor’s Office next Tuesday. I want you to arrest me for not signing this.”
Ok, then.

After hearing about her little tirade, the Linn county prosecutor's office did the right thing and rescinded their job offer. Good for them.

Ms hyphenated-name declined to comment with a desire to get this incident behind her.

Lack of knowledge of the law (or willingness to disregard the law) and a haughty sense of self-importance is a bad combination for a county prosecutor.

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