Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Obama-Hilter-Lenin billboard getting press

This billboard in Mason City, IA is receiving some press from around the state

Obama, Hitler billboard ‘not disrespectful,’ Tea Party leader says
“It’s a statement on his policies.”

Tea Party billboard draws ire in Mason City
"It's borderline hate crime."

Iowa billboard compares Obama to Hitler; draws criticism
The White House declined to comment.


ASM826 said...

Obama, Hitler billboard ‘not disrespectful,’ Tea Party leader says.

He is right, Putting Obama up there with world class dictators insults both Lenin and Hitler. They should have used Kim Jon Il and Saddam Hussein.

strandediniowa said...

He isn't responsible for mass murder, but with adding 2 trillion in debt this year alone, he's making more and more of this and the next generations into slaves.

What would have been disrespectful would be to put Obama with George Mason and Patrick Henry.

Now, that's disrespectful.