Friday, September 10, 2010

The best defense?

Windsor Heights police department is sponsoring a self defense class for women called Rape Aggression Defense or RAD. On the surface, this sounds like a good idea. Let's look at what the class offers:
The RAD program encompasses 12 hours of education and awareness topics mixed with hands-on, active self-defense techniques and strategies. In the final class three separate, active simulation scenarios are given to students to apply what they have learned.
Live fire?
"The objective of the basic RAD program is to develop and enhance the options of self-defense so that they become viable options for a woman who is attacked," said Police Chief Dennis McDaniel, a certified RAD instructor. "We work with our students to educate them on general awareness issues and also work to create confidence in the application of some basic self-defense techniques."
Enough confidence to take a firearms training class?

I'm reminded of the great work that Oleg Volk has produced through the years, like this over at A Human Right

I'm also reminded of a column written by Mike Royko about a would-be rapist that was stopped by an elderly woman who took matters into her own hands (so to speak) and nearly neutered an "alleged" rapist. Royko chronicled the trial and conviction of the schmuck and his humiliation at the hands (sorry) of this brave woman.

With one hand grasping his virilité, and her other firmly hold of his Testikel*, she attempted to separate each from the t'other. She "led" him out the door where he scampered away, conveniently leaving his pants and wallet behind. The woman did fire a few rounds at the fleeing "alleged" perpetrator and police found him at home, packed in ice.

There's no indication one way or the other whether this class will offer any meaningful defense such as firearm training or lessons from this encounter.

That would be a shame.

In any event, according to the article, there will be "hands-on, active self-defense techniques and strategies." (sorry, again)

If nothing else, I'll call it the Royko Defense. Lacking any other options, I hope any woman uses it as a last resort.

*(Trying to add a little culture here by digging deep for my inner French and German ancestors)

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