Thursday, September 16, 2010

Speed cameras (Ka-ching) coming to Cedar Falls

With the success of the speed and red-light cameras in Cedar Rapids, IA, a neighboring city to the north: Cedar Falls looking at speed cameras.
"It should be an enforcement tool, not a revenue generator," [Cedar Falls Police Chief Jeff] Olson said.
In a sense that would make this extortion, as in one is forced to pay up.

As for issuing warnings instead of $100 fines:
"We talked about a tryout period to just issue warnings. But we have to keep in mind the company isn't going to give us $60,000 in equipment to issue warnings and not generate revenue," Olson said.
What just a sec, here. I thought he said it was about enforcement of laws, not revenue. Then he states its about generating revenue and not issue a warning.

But he didn't mention it's really about safety, safety, safety.

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