Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gun endorsements for governor

This is no surprise because of Chester's signing of SF2379 into law that changed our permit process to make it more uniform from county to county. The law will reduce, but not eliminate sheriff's discretion when issuing concealed carry permits.

In a Des Moines Register article: NRA will urge Iowans to vote for Democrat Chet Culver we also find a list of other big name candidates the NRA had endorsed this year.

A new ad campaign has been released by Chris Cox of the NRA. Really it's just a parody, or maybe it isn't. You be the judge at Cliffs of Insanity, I'm the NRA!

In other news, Iowa Gun Owners has endorsed former Gov Branstad because he returned a questionnaire to their 100% satisfaction, while Chester didn't return one. Iowa Gun Owners endorses Terry Branstad, criticizes Chet Culver

And a final note, the coveted and irrelevant Stranded in Iowa endorsement goes to ...

Neither. I have no plans to vote for either one of them.

In my search for a candidate that I can vote for (as opposed to against) I'm looking at the independent candidates that are running.

And I'm waiting for the questionnaire created by David Codrea to be returned.

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