Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why are some gun owners afraid of permitless concealed carry?

David Codrea nails it again from his Examiner article, Why are some gun owners afraid of permitless concealed carry?
All rights come with responsibilities. Exercising them knowledgeably and appropriately is the responsibility of free adults--not government bureaucrats who charge a fee to dictate whether or not they approve, and under what circumstances and where a supplicant will be permitted to exercise them.

Unpermitted "idiots" already brandish and shoot innocents. We call these people "criminals." It's the permitted carriers the antis are gunning for--as evidenced by Violence Policy Center's "Concealed Carry Killers" project. It's every time a gun owner with a CCW license commits a crime of violence that the gun grabbers have a "we told you so" field day.
David points out the false dependency that some gun owners have on the NRA
As for the gun grabbers having all they need, molon labe, baby...and that requires not letting the assertion "everything we have worked for in the NRA will be undone" go unaddressed. It's a variant of "If not for the NRA, we'd have lost our gun rights years ago."

Anyone who actually believes that has already prepared themselves to surrender theirs.
Many of us in Iowa fought hard for permit-less carry in the state during this past year, both with and without Iowa Gun Owners help. The NRA (after ignoring Iowa for years) came in and helped pass a permit-uniformity bill that gave us a few compromises to get passed.

I personally witnessed open hostility from gun owners to those of us who didn't want to compromise on a lesser bill. (And I know there is animosity towards promoters of the NRA bill.)

I reserve my contempt to the NRA.

I heard from Iowans that we couldn't get a Constitutional-carry bill passed just days before Arizona passed theirs.

What does that say about gun owners in this state?

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