Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Phil Hare revisted

Using a local political machine on Canton, IL, Congressman Hare, of the famous "doesn't matter to me" about the Constitution fame, is bullying the removal of a local billboard in support of his opponent. A group calling itself Veterans for the Constitution, formerly Veterans for Schilling (Hare's opponent), put up the billboard and the "...idea was to communicate that Mr. Schilling respects the Constitution."

The Quad Cities Online is calling the group "Friends of the Constitution"
Mark Rauschert of Friends of the Constitution, a Bushnell-based group seeking to oust Rep. Hare, said Wednesday that Canton officials have told the group its billboard there must be removed by Sept. 2. He shared an e-mail from Marla Diden, an agent of the city, stating the sign violated Canton's ordinance limiting signs to 30 days before an event; the election is Nov. 2.

Mr. Rauschert said he sought advice from Lamar Advertising, owners of the billboard. An e-mail from Glenn Tiede of Lamar provided by Mr. Rauschert said the company saw no need to remove the anti-Hare message because the Canton ordinance contains specific language stating billboards were not included in it.
It would seem that local pols want to silence a group's First Amendment rights.

And it seems that Hare is falling in the polls:
A few months ago, Congressman Phil Hare (D-IL) was an obscure backbench Democrat in a safe House seat, in the president’s home state. With each passing day, however, it becomes clearer and clearer that his big government voting record and apathy toward the Constitution has led to a real race.

Rep. Phil Hare is Starting to Panic
In case we forgot who Phil Hare is:

Hare doesn't want to give up either:
Election law complaint alleged against veterans PAC and Schilling

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