Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will they or won't they?

In state senate District 37, which is it?

NRA endorses Staci Appel?

NRA endorses Kent Sorenson?

Earlier this year, Sorenson talks about being threatened by the NRA for attempting to attach stronger rights amendments to the various bills at the statehouse.

I wrote at What should be the end of the NRA in Iowa
The NRA told one of the most vigorous and loyal 2nd Amendment politicians in the state that they would back his opponent in the 2010 election if he wouldn't sit down, shut up and quit offering stronger pro-gun-rights amendments to their pet bill. Yeah, that's politics.

Listen to an interview between Steve Deace of WHO radio and Rep. Sorenson
Based on that interview, it wouldn't surprise me if the NRA endorsed Appel.

With politics beings a dirty sport, and because of the bad blood between gun rights groups and the NRA, it also wouldn't surprise me that this "endorsement" was leaked knowing that it would be jumped upon, with the result of making us look like gullible rubes.

But that's the cynic side of me again.

And that brings me to the ridiculous part of the whole thing: Who gives a rat's behind who some conglomerate lobbying organization or some celebrity politician (Palin) endorses anyway?

I'll support who I want to and vote my conscience.

And I will continue to vote the bums out:

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