Friday, October 29, 2010

Blood in the streets

Coming January First, 2011...
While Iowa gun enthusiasts are celebrating a landmark liberalization in state law, Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner and some colleagues are bracing for it.

“The general public is going to freak out when they see people walking down the street with guns strapped to their hip,” Gardner said.

Sheriffs still lobbying to tweak gun-permit law, insist on training standards
Scaring the weak and frail, just in time for Halloween.

It's a bit unclear whether one could open carry with the permit, but current law allows one to open carry in the home or while on your property or place of business and also at the range or while lawfully hunting. Open carry is prohibited otherwise.
“This whole thing’s open to too much interpretation,” Gardner said.
As opposed to 99 different interpretations we have now, subject to change with each new sheriff's election?

There is still some discretion allowed by sheriffs in the law (SF2379), but you can't let that fact get in the way of a good scare.

Indications from the Iowa Department of Public Safety web site point to some leeway regarding live-fire and fingerprinting now used by some, but not all, counties. That may continue come January.

Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek reveals something about his leanings towards permit holders:
There are currently 408 non-professional permit holders in Johnson County.
We probably have twice that in my township in a county bordering Johnson.
“Any law enforcement officer has to qualify twice a year,” said Pulkrabek.
I bet Bea shot more rounds than the deputies in Johnson county have to in order to "qualify."

It's the scary season, where these guys are screaming that the sky will fall and radio and TV ads blaring out the evil in their campaign opponent.

Distortion, lies and hyperbole.


Mike Stollenwerk said...

Iowa law is not at all unclear on open carry - one can open carry on foot in unincorporated areas of Iowa without any permit; if one has a permit to carry a handgun issued by iowa, or effective JAN 2011, ANy state, then that person can both conceal and open carry in vehicles generally, and on on foot even in incorporated areas of Iowa.

Look forward to more open carry in Iowa including at public meetings.

strandediniowa said...

To clarify, the new law isn't clear on open carry because it doesn't address it.

Iowa Code 724 states open carry is legal without a permit only while you are on your own property or business, while hunting or at target practice.

To my knowledge, open carry with a permit has not been "allowed" by authorities. states it is "technically legal" but I've heard of no challenges to this in the courts. If you got one, let us know.

I'm not against open carrying. Or concealed carry.

Please keep in mind, Mike, I'm against the whole permit process in the first place. There's something about asking my "betters" for permission to exercise a right.